The Ontario Energy Board oversees the province’s electricity and natural gas sectors through regulation and in accordance with the objectives set out in the governing statutory framework.

The OEB’s mission is to promote a viable, sustainable and efficient energy sector that serves the public interest and assists consumers to obtain reliable energy services at reasonable cost.

In the electricity sector, the Board sets transmission and distribution rates, and approves the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) budget and fees. The Board also sets the rate for the Standard Supply Service for distribution utilities that supply electricity (commodity) directly to consumers. Read more about the Regulated Price Plan…

The OEB licenses all market participants including the IESO, generators, transmitters, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Board approval is required for the construction of electricity transmission lines longer than two kilometres. As well, the Board is responsible for approving specific business arrangements involving the regulated parts of Ontario’s electricity industry.

The Board also monitors markets in the electricity sector and reports to the Minister of Energy on the efficiency, fairness and transparency and competitiveness of the markets as well as reporting on any abuse or potential abuse of market power. The Board may also be asked to review the IESO market rules and consider appeals of IESO orders.